Music for the Masses


Music for the Masses is a singer-songwriter album with contradictory elements of folk, post-punk, and prog-rock. It sardonically mocks earnest, erudite reflection while containing earnest, erudite reflection. The opening track scoffs at writing a song about the French Revolution and then the album later contains a 12-minute prog-rock song about the French Revolution Calendar. It contains a non-Mariah Carey "All I Want for Christmas" novelty number and the NSFW "It's My Fault."

Music for the Masses
All I Want for Christmas
It's My Fault
Sorta Maybe
Calendrier Révolutionnaire Français
Deck Chairs
For Anyone Who Cares to Listen

All songs written by David W. Jacobsen
© 2023 all rights reserved

All tracks recorded by David W. Jacobsen at Zbokth