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Music for the Masses

Music and Lyric by David W. Jacobsen
Copyright 2022 - 2023. All Rights Reserved.

You went to a famous higher institution
And you want to write a song about the French revolution?
Don't. No one will care

You learned to sing at Julliard
Now there's Autotune, so singing ain't hard
You'd best focus on your hair

If you want to have a hit
Just forget that ernest … stuff

And sing about butts
Sing a song about butts
Make music for the masses
They want to hear about asses
You'll start your winning streaks
Singing all about your cheeks
Your song won't make them glum
If it's all about your bum

If you want to have a hit
I think you're getting it…

You've a four octave range and rave reviews
but things aren't going so smooth for you
It doesn't matter if you're so great

Wake up child and smell the coke
We still say talent but as a joke
It's about your age and your weight

So get a trainer and surgeon too
Work on your gut

And sing about butts
Sing a song about butts
Make music for the masses
They want to hear about asses
The crowd will really cheer
When you sing about your rear
You'll find they actually care
For a song of derrière

If you're tired of making art
For barely peanuts
You should change you themes
It'll get you out of your ruts
One door opens
As another shuts

Playing jazz for wine and tips
While the audience stares at your hips
Those years of sweat and practice

While the radio plays a chord or two
By someone with far less talent than you
And you think, "who the hell needs this?"

If you're tired of indifference
And the apathy that cuts

You should sing about butts
Sing a song about butts
Make music for the masses
Most of them are just asses
You might think this song's inferior
Being about your posterior
But you could be as big as Hootie
If you sing about your booty

Sure this song is schlock
But it'll get you off the block

Sometimes you need a little push
Come on sing about your tush
They'll make a real fuss
For a song about tuchus
Some might say it's unrefined
To sing of one's behind
You might not play it for your granny
This song about your fanny

It'll get you out of your slump
To sing about your rump
All about that junk
In your trunk
You know he never lied
About liking a large backside

This more or less speaks for itself. It was inspired by the J. Lo song "Booty" of which I am not a fan as well as "Dance Ten, Looks Three" from A Chorus Line. This song is not meant to malign the national treasure that is "Baby Got Back."


Music for the Masses



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2022 - 2023

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Music for the Masses

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Oxford Road

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Cubase, Focusrite Scarlet

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