Mixing humorous social commentary with melancholy reflection, David W. Jacobsen performs and records catchy, mostly acoustic songs that combine poetry, satire, and narrative storytelling. Entertaining without crossing the line in to novelty, his musings on social and psychological concerns have connected with people all over the world. He performs live accompanying himself on acoustic guitar and amusing his audiences with an enjoyable banter.

His new digital-only singer-songwriter album, Music for the Masses, sardonically mocks earnest, erudite reflection while containing earnest, erudite reflection. The opening track scoffs at writing a song about the French Revolution and the album later contains a 12-minute prog-rock song about the French Revolution Calendar. It contains a non-Mariah Carey "All I Want for Christmas" novelty number and the NSFW "It's My Fault."

David W. Jacobsen has been writing and performing music for over twenty years. He studied at Berklee College of Music and has both an excellent understanding of music theory as well as the good sense not to use it. He has recorded numerous albums on his Zbokth Productions label and is currently recording his next release.

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