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Feature in the Hudson Current:

"The album as a whole is a brave retro endeavor into new and old electronic music that should please fans of traditional and non-traditional synth-pop alike. " -- Madeline Friedman

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Review in the Westchester Times:

"But, here again is where Jacobsen stands out. His mixing of sounds with truly unique and sometime provocative lyrics make each performance distinctive, as well as an amusing and distracting extravaganza." -- Tom Bock

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Review in the Mustang Daily:

"To describe New Jersey native and musical artist David W. Jacobson as a pioneer, an innovator and a visionary in relation to his chosen profession could be considered nothing less than accurate... "Hobson's Journey" is an incredible new wave-sounding compilation, simultaneously blending past and present into an enjoyable cacophony of sounds that successfully translates itself into the future." -- Daniel Seguin

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Review in the Portland State Daily Vanguard:

"September's Shadow sound is a glorious lovechild of New Order and David Bowie"

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Review in the NDSU Spectrum:

"The way he mixes sounds is truly unique and the incorporation of some provocative lyrics makes for a very distinctive sound. Being coupled with KT Wills and Stephanie Seskin, the album has a well balanced sound that makes for a great album overall." -- Ryan Lesnau


Review in the UMass Dartmouth Torch:

"The feeling of uniqueness and newness causes listeners to want to keep on listening. Taking in the mix of electric and acoustic sounds creates a sense of ease and tranquility." -- Shara Sarnelli

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