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One Day At A Time

Music and Lyric by David W. Jacobsen
Copyright 2019 - 2022. All Rights Reserved.

Ever after
Moving faster
Till time slips

Empty finger
Shadows linger
Of what's lost

Never one to pass
Up an offered glass
When it was there

And the heat would rise
Still you'd eulogize
What wasn't there
With time despair
A chasm no words could bridge

Take it one day at a time

Far off mornings
Early warnings
She sees now

Promise Broken
Empty token
A key tag

Something calling out
Old familiar route
It's a dead end

Leading to disgrace
Fill the empty space
On a dead end
Another lost friend
And she will walk away

Take it one day at a time
Take it one day at a time

Can a man hide the scars
Staring at the stars
From the gutter

Something's calling out
Old familiar route
You hit that wall
One loss starts the slide
Can you resist the ride
Then you will fall
The sirens call
Leading you further down

Take it one day at a time

For the friends of Bill and even more so for those who have lived with them and then felt they had to leave.


One Day At A Time



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