Angel's a Deplorable

Music and Lyric by David W. Jacobsen
Copyright 2017 - 2018. All Rights Reserved.

Long ago, you and I shared
Some time together, when we were paired
We moved on, but I could still smile
At the good times we had for awhile

I still thought well of you even after i was dumped
Till I learned
That you voted for Trump?!
You voted for Trump?!

We were close long ago
You think you get someone, but I guess you never know
How people change and what you don't see
You're a completely different person now to me

So glad it ended and you never bore my bump
I wouldn't want to spawn with someone
Who'd voted for Trump
You voted for Trump?

My blood runs cold,
Our civil rights will all be sold
My angel's a deplorable
Angel's a deplorable

Didn't you hear the racist shit he said while on the stump
Yet you still went and voted for
Donald Trump?

Guess you didn't care about all the women he would fondle
You went and voted for
The Donald

You were always crazy and you never made much sense
So I won't be shocked if you
Vote for Pence

I recall that good time that we had making origami
Don't ruin it now by saying you
Voted for Romney

I have great memories
On them don't leave a stain
By saying you voted for John McCain

My opinion of you is on the edge it just needs a push
Don't send it over the cliff by saying you voted
For George W. Bush

I used to think that you were a kindred soul
That's not the case if you
Voted for Dole

My opinion of you is still on the edge it just needs a push
Don't say you voted for his father too
H.W. Bush

Remember that time in college when you thought you were a pagan
We listen to Steely Dan, you said you liked Donald Fagan
You believed in science, you had a crush on Carl Sagan
So for the love of G-d don't tell me you would now
have supported Reagan