Music and Lyric by David W. Jacobsen
Copyright 2000. All Rights Reserved.

A juxtaposition, it happens each day
How tragic a called off golf match
How trite a crack baby in the trash

A juxtaposition, you know what I mean
How tragic a broken nail
How trite to be dying in pain

A juxtaposition
How tragic bird shit on your car
How trite to get beat up by cops

A juxtaposition

My sister's on the telephone
She really hates to be alone
The TV says she should be grown
The lonely dog will get her bone

Johnny's smoking lots of pot
He saw it on his MTV
He thinks Pearl Jam is really great
He goes online to masturbate

Sister thinks that he's a dork
She's with some jock who's great at sports
She gives it up, he goes away
There's someone new the next day

A juxtaposition

I remember years ago
How you said to me
You've gotta stand like a rock
Not break like sticks
Last week I saw you on the West Side Highway turning tricks

And Jesus from his cloud
Looks down upon the earth
And sees how quickly it will pass
He looks at you and thinks you've gotta nice ass

Now this vision made me cry
So wrought with guilt that I hoped to die
So I walked down to Newark at 2 am
Stood in the projects and asked for a light
They said there's no light here, the clouds never break
I felt less guilty
Went to a diner and ate
A bacon cheeseburger and some shrimp
A calf boiled in its mother's milk
But still the guilt is there
I'm taunted by a vision of hell
It haunts me through my cream o'life
Janet Reno, naked standing in the light
Oh what a horrid view
The only one I want to see naked is you

I used to want to fight for the truth
But when I look at what's become of my youth
I say, "fuck it, let's go get a drink.
This barge is broken and it's starting to sink."

I drowned my sorrows at the dance hall
And at her gala ball
I told Jane my name
Though I knew that she'd forget
I'm gonna go out tonight
And do something I know I'll regret

A juxtaposition