You'll Burn More than You'll Save

Music and Lyric by David W. Jacobsen
Copyright 2000. All Rights Reserved.

I met you in the evening hours
Watched you water your dead flowers
Fighting for those wilted weeds
You've a heart that bleeds more than it should.

In your eyes, a burning flare
While all the world just doesn't care
at all. Their windows, they look dark
while you alone retain a spark of life.

So you believe
It's good to believe

The kindling of your righteous rage
Much like a girl who's half your age
While most no longer have that sight
Lost long ago the will to fight the world.

Because a man believes he's righting
Should die does not make his cause worth fighting for
Sometimes the best laid plans are tragic
Burning far more than they save

So you believe
It's good to believe
How can you believe?
I can't believe

You're beautiful, you're full of fire
But I'm afraid your theories tire
You're alive and they sustain your
Visions of a world that ought to be