Free Bird

Music and Lyric by David W. Jacobsen
Copyright 2014 - 2016. All Rights Reserved.

The groom's a lawyer
The bride's in real estate
We're here to entertain
On this their special date

I'm playing the bass guitar
Taking vocals where I can
In a tuxedo trying desperately
To forget where I am

I thought I'd be like John and Paul
Songs would roll right off my strings
Instead I'm at a wedding
Playing "The Wind Beneath My Wings"

Yeah I had dreams to be a star
And towards them I would strive
I want more from life than
"I Will Survive"

It's a birthday at a country club
In some affluent town
They paid way too much for a teenager
To wear a designer gown

We're halfway through our second set
At least the booze is free
Maybe I can drink enough
To feel like someone who's not me

I thought I'd be like Dylan
Writing songs critics adore
Instead I'm at a Sweet 16
Playing "That's What Friends Are For"

Some choices that you've made in life
You cannot take back
Condemned to play repeatedly
Ad nauseum "Love Shack"

It's not about integrity
At this point any avenue I'll try
I'd sell out any day
If there was someone there to buy

My girlfriend's mad that I'm not home
On another Saturday night
Split five ways after gas and tolls
It's not enough to be worth that fight

A last minute gig in some college town
I just hope that we get paid
The audience is half our age
None of us are getting laid

I thought I'd be like Leonard Cohen
They'd ask what did I mean?
Instead I'm at a frat house
Playing "Dancing Queen"

Some days I just can't stand it
And feel like I may hurl
When someone asks us to play
"Brown Eyed Girl"

I thought I'd be like Johnny Cash
Making enduring art
Instead I'm at a Barbeque
Playing "Achy Breaky Heart"

I thought I'd be like Mick and Keith
Writing songs everyone would know
But I'm at an 80s themed wedding
Singing "Kokomo"

I thought I'd be like Springsteen
As I get older writing still
Instead I'm at a yacht club
Playing "Margaritaville"

I thought I'd be like Jim Morrison
With lyrics you'd discuss
Instead I'm at Mommy and me
Playing "the Wheels on the Bus"

We may not be the greatest band
That you've ever heard
But we do a mean rendition of
"Free Bird"