Cover art by Neil Fein

POTUS is a whimsical collection of historically-oriented songs about overlooked or awful U.S. Presidents. Most lyrics are first-person fictional narratives of lesser known or monstrous occupants of the country's highest office. The music ranges from folk to rock to disco depending on the mood of the lyric and period. The album mixes history with storytelling, providing a humanized view of men who have guided America for better or worse (more often worse). Eleven presidents from Adams through Ford are highlighted in this collection, none of whom served a full eight years.

Old Man Eloquent
Leave My Bones In The Ground
Nothing Left To Do
Swing Around The Circle
Samuel Tilden's Lament
Never Asked
Crying At Your Grave
Effective At Noon Tomorrow
The Unforgiven

All songs written by David W. Jacobsen
© 2020 all rights reserved

All tracks recorded by David W. Jacobsen at Zbokth