New York Called

Music and Lyric by David W. Jacobsen
Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved.

If you don't go to New York now
You know that you just never ever will
You'll be busy making plans
They'll consume you like any man

Though you know who you want to be
There's a price that you've yet to really know
There are many roads to tread
Most take the easy ones instead

And New York it was calling loud
With hopes it said that you could share
But it's OK you won't recall
Often and rarely care at all

That New York called

And who you think that you can be
When the choices are easiest to grasp
You always thought the time would come
But life brings too much, most succumb

Life is choices that you make
Or the ones that you never ever face
It's OK a normal life
Few will say is a disgrace

And New York it was calling loud
Out to all of those who strive
The invitation beckoned strong
But you would not arrive

Few people ever find what they
Had set out to find anyway
Few people even can recall
What they hoped to be all

New York called

Most people they prefer this way
That you pack it in now and settle down
New York will always be there
But you'll be in some other town

Just like everyone else you know
No one cares if you gave it a go
You'll visit New York one day
And claim you don't like it anyway

And New York it was calling loud
From the radio and news
But when the time it finally came
You did not choose

New York it was calling loud
You dreamed it all inside your head
But it wasn't Manhattan Isle
It was El Dorado instead,

And before you know it's all gone
You'll be so far that you won't really know
Most people they just forget
'Til all you recall's a silhouette