Everyday Things

Music and Lyric by David W. Jacobsen
Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved.

She clips coupons from the paper
Reads the kids to sleep
He comes home from work tired
And kisses her with a promise to keep

And weekends are spent on errands
And time with family
The days are moving faster
But they're mostly happy

All's well with everyday things

And there's a fifth birthday party
He advanced at work just a touch
She's busy with her teaching
Life doesn't change that much

They've turned to everyday things

But last night I heard a song
An old Joni Mitchell tune
Reminded me of how we sat
On the porch that afternoon

In the house your parents sold
It's been years now I suppose
I drove by it the other day
And thought about the things I choose

She's rarely recollections
Of another time and place
And never has she longings
For what's gone without a trace

And the last thing she wants is my phone call
Besides I've little to say
I finally tore up those letters
I'm trying hard to just walk away

And find my own everyday things

When she turns off the light
After putting the kids to bed
Does she ever think about
Another world instead

Her cigarette put out
My arms around her shoulder
Starring off into the night
With no thought that we'd be older.