Hope You Like the Flowers

Music and Lyric by David W. Jacobsen
Copyright 2000. All Rights Reserved.

Well, there you stand beside him.
The world it lies before you.
I hope it lasts a life time
Though few do in these days.
I'm glad I was invited
To share this final moment
To watch you tie the big knot
I feel one around my neck.

There was a time when it was me by your side
And though I know it's long ago.
It is still hard to view this alternate world
I wonder what could have been.

The guests arrive and gather
Inside the hall and wait for
The spectacle of unions
That so often sever.
They're talk and they're laughing.
They're staring as they gossip.
I'm standing in the corner.
I've never felt this lost.

And you arrive your father there by your side
The moment is finally at hand.
And I know well you've waited most of your life
To be with someone here today.

Hope you like the flowers I sent.
At least I sent flowers.

I hope you like the flowers.
I hope they make you smile.
I now know that you'll never
Laugh as you hold me.
You went to find a way home.
I wanted more from my life.
I see you've found your future.
Well I am still searching.

No I do not think that we could ever have been
Here and smiling on this day.
And I will give my blessing to you and him.
I wish the world for you and more.

Hope you like the flowers I sent.
At least I sent flowers.